Saxophone & Clarinet Lessons

All lessons are tailored to suit the student Most students who either buy or rent a saxophone will have also purchased a book on how to play. Most of these are perfectly adequate for the purpose of learning how to sight read however, I do not insist on you purchasing any specific book as I provide printed copies of all scales, tunes and all topics discussed within the lessons.

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Live sax available for hire with backing tracks for any occasion (parties, weddings, Corporate functions and other social gatherings) with a vast repertoire of jazz standards, funk and blues available to cater for all tastes. Want to create the right mood for your bar or restaurant? Playlists are tailored to your function.

Music Theory

All my theory lessons are tailored to suit the students needs. All musicians are catered for in my theory lessons. All aspects of improvisation and composition are covered. I use a variety of puzzles and quizzes to help you develop as a musician. Music theory is fun and rewarding and will help you become a better musician.

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A little think called funk

A hero sandwich

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Gary Hamilton is a very experienced saxophone player. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with me and his other students, I've been learning how to play the Tenor Saxophone and have come a long way in 6 months when back then, I didn't even know how to pick one up. I highly recommend learning how to play the saxophone with him, he also helps you with the finding a Saxophone that is good quality and that is affordable for you in person. 28-02-2014 - Macaulay Kent

Gary is passionate about the saxophone and he shares that passion enthusiastically with his pupils. His style of teaching is refreshing and varied and a complete learning experience. >From lesson one he covers all aspects of learning to play the instrument including theory to underpin the performance opportunity which he provides with backing tracks and his accompaniment. This all helps to build a student’s confidence from the outset. Lessons are never dull. - Stephanie Hadden

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If you would like to hire me or make an enquiry for a music lesson, please contact me for more information and bookings.
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